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In keeping with the standard 'Audi look' this treatment involved creating simplified CGI city as background. The result - there is a measure of story telling and context building involved and yet the car stands out as if it was hero as per a normal product shot.
Target GroupB2C
Branches Advertising, Magazine Editorial, Corporate identity, Brochures, Automotive
MediaPrint, Below the Line, Above the Line
KeywordsAudi cars city illustration simple start clean look
Philip Chudy Images, San Rafael, USA
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Concept: emphasizing exhilaration and lack of restraint - for complex services or hard to define products.

Image features objects which are hard to recognize at first glance. Objects are a pile of spectacles. Ridiculous logic which is being parodied suggests that wearing more spectacles would enable the viewer to recognize what they are looking at better.

'Shooting' (whether stills or movie) is an endorsement of the subject matter. So much for the sense of glory to this bullet ridden wreck. Concept oriented towards green issues.

The concept is to combine the attractions of pencil illustration with photography. The brief was to make sure that the vehicle would fit into the illustration while not looking like a standard advertising 'cut out'.

The idea was for a campaign emphasizing how this vehicle is acceptable and 'at home' in many different environments - 'downtown' to 'wilderness'

Automotive connotations to this humorous image which is meant to illustrate zany creative problem solving. To stay nice and warm the clever driver takes his car onto the frozen lake for a bit of 'ice fishing'. The normal answer to staying warm on such a cold winter's night is to stay in the cabin rather than freeze on the ice. This driver has the best of both worlds.

This comedic concept illustrates risk of assuming outcomes in seemingly standard scenarios. It could be used for a range of applications such as investment or any business in which trust is important and extremely high rewards are anticipated.

This hybrid CGI/photography image was created for a humorous campaign. Overemphasis on 'show' and 'image' turns a hypothetical 'fashionista' into a 'fashion victim'

Conceptual with automotive connotations but could be used for any advertising/product or service which compares hypothetical outcomes as opposed to more predictable or certain ones.
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