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Find your new agency @ unseenideas.com – the worlds first
search engine for unpublished ideas, concepts and campaigns.

In pitching for a contract, agencies and creatives invest a lot of passion, time and money developing and presenting sophisticated high end concepts. If an agency or a creative is unsuccessful in such a pitch, more often than not these complex and expensive presentations end up in drawers or back-up data archive.

Clients too, invest considerable energy, time and money into agency screenings, briefings and evaluation processes. The aim for them therefore is to find the right agency as well as fresh and innovative, unconsumed ideas or campaigns quicker and easier.

unseenideas.com is the first search engine that now makes this possible.
International concepts, ideas and campaigns, fully developed and unpublished are perfectly described, tagged and findable.

Agencies not only gain a new opportunity for generating new business, Unseenideas.com is also a cost-effective and efficient research tool for clients looking for the right idea, campaign or agency.

UnseenIdeas is a unique new sales channel for agencies and creatives. And for advertisers an innovative way to find the right agency or creative.

Creatives (agencies, designers etc.) Clients (advertisers)
  • Tag your unseen ideas and your agency will be findable
  • Generate new business, being findable through your idea
  • Save enormous new business costs
  • Increase new business efficiency
  • Benefit from our experience (est. 2011)
  • Benefit from 10.000 unique visitors per month
  • SEO optimized posting
  • Get daily statistics
  • It is free of charge
  • Search for a fitting unseen idea and find an interesting new agency
  • Get the right contact information to the agency
  • Find unpublished work, ready to use
  • Improve agency screenings
  • Improve cost efficiency